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Keep your business on the edge of technology! AC Capital can lease/finance the up to date equipment you need to stay competitive, and provide lease programs for your customers.

Cash flow is critical as a company grows. To successfully manage the lag between payables and receivables, a growing business must use every financial tool available to retain working capital and avoid tying up money in commercial equipment that continuously looses value. Lease financing, which is based on the principle, "pay for what you use only as you use it," can help you retain capital with minimal down payment requirements and creative financing terms.

By using business connections effectively, a company can compete more aggressively. A C Capital is your connection to the capital you need. Let A C Capital bear the burden of your company's rapid growth and expansion. As a full-service lease/finance company, we do all the leg work, find the most flexible terms and payments, provide complete documentation and are available to answer all your questions, full time - over time, allowing you to concentrate on running your business.

AC Capital -- your leasing connection. We're working to make your ideas and dreams attainable.

Limitations are for other guys.

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